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How To Start Hiring

Get the best freelancers for the job you need - without the hassle. We make it simple to connect with the best freelancers nationwide and locate them for your job. Therefore, you won't have to waste time looking for the perfect person because we will handle everything for you.

  • Post Your Job and Hire a Pro

    Post your job on the county’s most prominent job marketplace and watch as talented individuals countrywide submit their bids. You can shortlist the applicants who are the best fit with the help of our advanced analytics. Additionally, before approving someone, you can have a look at their profiles, portfolios, and reviews.

  • Search and Buy Projects

    Do you prefer to avoid speculation? Get projects that have been prepared for you by the experts. There is no need to compile a shortlist or make a job posting. Simply search, make a purchase, and get your projects done right away.

  • Get to the appropriate talent right away

    Just let us know your budgets and objectives, and we'll handle the hiring. You'll receive a list of our top candidates who are all ideal for the job.


How To find work

Find your preferred work, with great clients, at the country’s largest work marketplace. We are the fastest and most reliable way to find your freelance opportunities in Bangladesh.

  • Create Your Own Profile for Free

    We can match you to the work you want with your attractive title and a client-focused overview. You should also include a photo, your work history, and your skills. Create a profile that stands out from the crowd by adding an introduction video.

  • Explore the Opportunities to Earn

    We offer you different ways of working and earning money. You can submit your projects, make a job offer, or tell our recruiters about your skills to enable them to help you find possibilities that match your career objectives and interests.

  • Get paid in the most secure way

    Select a payment option. Client payments are released under our fixed-price protection. No matter the method you choose, our service costs are the same. Thus, invest more of your time in earning and less in chasing.